Handcrafted Surfboards

Billeon uses the world´s finest fiberglass cloth and superior resin to construct his surfboards which not only comes pre-constructed but can also be handcrafted to your spesific needs and surfing style.

Get in touch to discuss your meassurements and skill level and getting you a proper board.

Usefuls tips for 1st time surfboard buyers.

Tip 1 - Keep it cheap

Unfortunately your first surfboard is going to take some unwanted hits when you start surfing and learning to handle the board outside of the water as well, therefor invest in a cheap or secondhand board.

Tip 2 - Go Big

Your first surfboard should be long and thick!

Why? The longer the board the easier it is to stand on and the thicker the board the more buoyancy you´ll have which will make you float "higher" in the water and in turn will make paddling a breeze.

60kg ou´s should be looking for a board around 6´10", 70kg´s for a 7´2" and 85kg´s and above for 7´6" and higher.

Tip 3 - Play it safe

Feel free to contact us about any questions you might have and to find out if we have a new or secondhand board available that suit your measurements and skill.